Mixed Hodge Modules Learning Seminar

Please volunteer for speaking in FIRST or the MHM seminar.

Calendar (FIRST + MHM)

Used to be a google calendar; now defunct.

List of talks and references

  1. Overview of mixed Hodge modules and their applications to geometry (Ben) Notes
  2. Classical (pure) Hodge theory (Anand) References: Chapter 0 of [Sabbah-Schnell]. Notes 1, Notes 2
  3. D-modules and the Riemann–Hilbert correspondence (Asilata) References: [Cavazzani] and the references cited there. Notes
  4. Perverse sheaves (Nicola)
  5. Nearby and vanishing cycles (Anand) References: [Sabbah]. Notes
  6. Degenerations of VHS on curves (Ben) Notes
  7. Perverse sheaves and the decomposition theorem References: [Achar], [deCataldo-Migliorini], [deCataldo], Chapter 8 of [Hotta-Takeuchi-Tanisaki].
  8. Nearby and vanishing cycles and filtered D-modules References: Section 9 of [Schnell], Section 2.4 of [Sabbah-2]
  9. Definition of pure Hodge modules References: Section 12 of [Schnell] which uses stuff also from Section 10 and 11.
  10. Generic vanishing theory via mixed Hodge modules References: [Popa-Schnell-1]


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