Anand Deopurkar

Photo of Anand Deopurkar in Banff, Canada

Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian National University
Hanna Neumann Building
61 2 6125 4628
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I am an algebraic geometer with broader interests in algebra, representation theory, and number theory. Being an algebraic geometer means that I study algebraic varieties—spaces of solutions of algebraic equations. I am interested in classical algebraic geometry, enumerative geometry, deformation theory, algebraic stacks, derived categories, among other things.

A common theme in much of my work is to understand varieties by studying the collection of all related varieties at once, using the remarkable feature that such a collection itself forms an algebraic variety (or something close to it), called a “moduli space”. I have worked on moduli spaces of algebraic curves, surfaces, maps, vector bundles, and stability conditions.