Anand Deopurkar

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Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian National university
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For my papers and preprints, see my research page.

I am an algebraic geometer with broader interests in algebra, geometry, representation theory, and number theory. I study moduli spaces: moduli of curves, branched covers, surfaces, and so on. A lot of my research is about questions of a classical flavor, but the answers often involve modern techniques like deformation theory and stacks.

Before coming to ANU, I was a post-doc at UGA and Columbia, and before that I was a graduate student of Joe Harris at Harvard.

Just after graduate school, I wrote a rough non-technical explanation of my doctoral research, which might interest or amuse you.

Upcoming and current activities

Here is my current calendar.


I am currently not teaching anything. Here are the notes of some of the advanced classes I have taught.

For other courses taught in the past, see my teaching page.